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We facilitate a shared vision and translate this understanding through-out the organisation to assist people in developing their roles and connections with other stakeholders. This approach provides clear delegations; especially in times of change or with new organisational initiatives. We work through-out the organisation to synchronise change and avoid waste.

A key part in delivering these holistic outcomes is to understand the change requirements and provides these services the client needs. Where there is an actual, perceived, or potential conflict of interest DTD staff work with the client to provide a terms of reference to ‘buy in’ services.

As a trusted advisor we always offer an open book approach to our clients.


Here are some of the things our recent clients have had to say about our services.

In a professional career spanning many decades, meeting Doug has been one of the stand-out highlights! I initially met Doug as my Complex Procurement Course Facilitator. I was instantly impressed by his extensive knowledge and expertise, and enviable way of sharing that knowledge and experience in an adult learning environment!

I learnt so much from Doug on ALL things complex procurement, that when the opportunity to again work with him as my Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) Certified Practicing Project Manager (CPPM) Assessor, I jumped at the chance. Doug is a stand-out professional, both personally and professionally, and I thoroughly and eagerly recommend him. An absolute pleasure Doug, personally and professionally, thank you!

Natalie Bransby


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