Accountability is about being liable or answerable for all activities, business outcomes, strategy realisation and anything else that happens in your organisation.  Worst case it may result in criminal culpability or liablity in a civil lawsuit. Most individuals have an incomplete picture of their accountabilities.

At DTD, through the policy implementation and delegation process we assist individuals in understanding the difference between accountability and responsibility (can be shared). For DTD we then assist organisations in developing KPIs, PIs and SMARTs t ensure their due care and diligence. These are triggers for reporting and business improvement. In the event of legal action and if implemented, this provides evidence for the legal defence for the business rule.

Assurance e

Assurance is a positive declaration designed to give confidence; in effect it is a promise. At DTD we design all our systems for clients so that client’s can provide stakeholders with assurance that the organisation is operating as intended. Consequently whilst plans are subjective, our forecasting models are objective and can determine the type and extent of services to meet requirements of any internal controls, risk profiles and strategy needs. 

For portfolio initiatives we work with the audit and risk committees. Whilst the audit and risk committee is able to understand business-as-usual and lag indicators, the make-up of the committee sometimes has cultural or individual blindspots in understanding strategy optimisation and implementation. Examples often include repeated underperforming superannuation funds, royal commissions into activities that have been audited without adverse audit findings, government departments that do not benefit their clients etc. This is often because reports and plans are adjusted annually without benchmarking to a multi-year strategy execution.  

Performance Reporting Alignment

Performance reports are tailored to ‘fill-in’ gaps normally focused on the effectiveness of strategy delivery. Normally the environment is analysed to determine organisational constraints or limitations due to culture, delegation gaps etc. DTD works with the Board or the audit and risk committee to objectively report on disruptors, emerging issues, industry trends (other than extrapolation models), culture assessments etc. 


Tools are predominantly focused on big data used in the forecasting models chosen.

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