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About Dream.Think.Do

DTD are productivity specialists. We are a client’s trusted adviser to move from ideas to outcomes. We do this by understanding all the business functions along with the nature of making difficult decisions as part of change or strategy implementation. Strategy implementation normally comprises governance and change or project management. If required we become that part of the team the organisation needs for a successful outcome. Whilst a small part is DTD resources, the high value-add is the integrated thinking  combined with coaching and mentoring key staff required to change and thrive in the new environment. A key part of our role is to have an orderly re-connection of the organisation’s neural pathways so that change is inculcated into culture. The integration normally involves promoting well-being (reducing presenteeism) on the journey, continuity of service provision during change and strategy delivering. The key performance indicators (KPI)  are objectively measured to ensure the appropriate balance of service delivery (benefits realisation),  social, environmental and financial indicators.

At a more detailed level and within each KPI we develop performance indicators (PI) based upon risk dimensions and work breakdown requirements. This helps to establish organisational structures and stakeholders as part of the organisations neural pathways. Change involves balancing individual resilience with organisational resources (skill, capability, capacity). We are able to assess and then balance the group-individual-change requirements to determine the implementation risks. A plan is developed along with the workflow and information requirements to establish the terms of reference for management meetings and governance. Following approval , SMARTs (Specific Measurable Attributable Realistic Timely) are developed for key people. Personal work plans are then aligned along with support requirements.   Based upon organisational requirements, DTD often provide key skills the organisation requires for the journey. We assist the organisation in defining the role, skill and timing of the team in the desired environment.

This methodology is reflected in our logo.

A Productive Solution

The Platinum People logo was adopted to represent people working together in a structured relationship. At the apex is the mission statement. The mission statement unifies all individuals and connects everyone. The people are all walking in the same direction towards a vision with no wasted effort signified by the rigid connections. The integrated effect represents a productive solution.

DTD Culture Statement

Culture (the way things are done around here) is practiced by the entire workforce and contributes significantly to the human well-being and organisational success. Through actions we define our principles, values, our reason for being (mission) and what we strive for (vision).


DTD’s mission is to deliver integrated productivity services from ideas to outcomes.


DTD’s vision is to become a client’s trusted adviser delivering superior social, environmental and financial performance.

DTD’s two guiding principle values are:

Integrity.  As a client’s trusted advisor we have access to privileged information and as such we reciprocate this trust by: only working with one client in a field once we become their ‘trusted advisor’; maintaining an open book on all activities; and aligning remuneration with client value.
Improving outcomes (social, environmental, financial) of all stakeholders affected by the initiative.

DTD’s work values are:



Looking for better outcomes.


Striving to execute the optimal solutions in everything we do.


Collective effort creates synergies beyond the individual.


A Team of Professionals




Doug is an integration specialist. His main role is to understand the organisation neural pathways to develop and implement strategies.  The ability is based upon thinking styles, behavioural traits, education and experience.



Gary is a change specialist focusing on human factors. His main role is to work with individuals and teams on the journey to maintain well-being and continuity of service whilst facilitating change.

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