Performance Needs Analysis of Army Cadet Staff

The Situation

  • Over 1100 volunteer Army Cadet Staff (ACS) need to provide safe and engaging personal development for 16,000 Australian Army Cadets (AAC) aged between 13 and 20 years
  • A Royal Commission into institutionalised child abuse resulted in significant legislative and policy changes that have ramifications for organisations
  • The ACS training program was out-of-date
  • The PGPA Act 2013 Section 5 requires Defence to ensure the appropriate governance

The Requirement

Identify training options to satisfy the requirement and recommend the best training solution

The Challenge

  • Non-disclosure of information during an investigation inhibits continuous improvement
  • Volunteers have few hours and any training liability needs to be appropriate to their role
  • Distributed workforce across over 250 organisations
  • The program is designed for youth developing other youth under adult supervision

Benefits realised (for client organisation and individuals)

  • Analysis of existing individual deficiencies identified the moral hazard and need for change
  • Identification of integrated skills requirement by stream, level, and priority
  • A skills development continuum over 10 levels and four streams.
  • Recognition of volunteer skills and prior learning to fill vacancies to reduce the training liability and ensure appropriate governance
  • Development of job task profiles for each role and level
  • Development of the gap analysis with preliminary Learning and Development solutions
  • First draft of the report was endorsed and approved.

Methodology (why DTD)

  • Identify the resistance to change and the arguments required for specific groups
  • Develop requirements through analysis of legislation, policy and benchmarking
  • Iteratively develop the resource requirements and resource base to create a workable implementation program
  • Use of workshops to initiate the change program of awareness and desire
  • Report to be used to provide knowledge and ability to change
  • Mentoring and coaching of key stakeholders to align intellectual and emotional understanding to make effective decisions

Key People

  • Doug Mitchell

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